I tend to describe myself as a self taught woodworker although my initial training took place in my high school wood shop in Massachusetts. Through that program I learned the basics and developed a love for creating something from scratch. Moving away from my interest in wood, I studied aerospace engineering at Boston University.  After college I followed my soon to be wife to Pasadena where I was introduced first hand to the works of  Greene & Greene and the Arts & Crafts movement of the early 20th century. To put it simply I was inspired. 

  I worked full-time in the water treatment industry but during my lunch hour began making use of the company table saw. With the purchase of a few more tools I could now make the style of furniture I admired so much but couldn't afford to buy. Friends took notice of my work and began requesting custom pieces. Wanting to become a "professional" but not ready to go it alone just yet, I found work with a respected local company that made mission style reproductions. While working there I further developed my skills through their very high standards until I felt prepared to open my own business.

  In 2004, I was ready for a change. I wanted to spend my time making furniture with a more personal feel, my own designs, developing ideas with clients, and having full control of the final product. With a handful of orders I took the leap and opened my own shop, a one man operation where I was responsible for every aspect of the process, from design to lumber selection, milling, assembly, and finally the finish process.

  I still operate the same way today. Delivering a product that meets the highest standards: solid wood, mortise and tenon joinery, hand rubbed finishes and an adherence to the construction techniques that make the originals of 100 years ago the prized heirlooms of today. I expect my work to be passed on generation after generation so it must be built to stand the test of time.

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